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The Violin

by Albert Swanson on May 28, 2000 at 17:39:25:

The Violin

A rainbow snapped the other day,
Rose hi, then said, I'll fade away,
To see some land, I cannot see,
Some land inside my poetry.
The river is so cold now is,
Some form of blessed depth now is,
A seed that swirls inside of me,
A seed so deep, I cannot see.
Inside the rivers bed I'll go,
A path so low, a path so cold,
But in the end, I hope I do,
Meet up with me, meet up with you.
The sounds I make, I cannot tell,
Just where they go, just where they fell,
But in the end, I hope I do,
Say something short, inside of you.
A mountain's blue, a mountain's red,
It's all the same, it's just a thread,
Of what I know, of what I'll tell,
Oh let's go journey, inside hell.
No flame is hot, no flame is cold,
It's just the same, oh let us be bold,
And take this walk, along the edge,
Of Piper's camp, along the hedge.
I'll tell this little story now,
Oh do get ready, ready how,
To sing the song in weary nite,
Lets let all out, let's be respite.
Your tumble needn't be that hard,
Just think of butter, think of lard,
Because I know this fact of you,
The tumble's already inside of you.
You've made the leap so oft before,
You've said not once, but twice before,
That you would do this time again,
Now mustn't stop, you should begin.
The sky so deep, it is so thin,
On all it's voyage it has let you in,
There is the space where you belong,
A large large hollow, now sing your song.
And you shall fly away with it,
Don't grudge the ground, you should not spit,
But say a yes, inside of you,
Say that yes, it will say more,
And come along, please do not bore.
we have your best, we have your crowd,
We have the best of all you're proud,
We have the best of all that's here,
Just say it loud, say it near.
And do now take that step begin,
A row of platinum not tin,
Awaits your melody of satin,
And please, make songs, in your violin.

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