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Princess Delight


1tsp jelly powder
300ml water
125g sugar
1 egg
250ml low fat milk
1tsp vanilla essence
2tsp custard powder (dilute with 50ml water)

*Beat egg till frothy then add 250ml low fat milk & continue beating. Add in milk, custard powder mixture & vanilla essence, stir & set aside. In a pot, boil 300ml water, add jelly & sugar & boil till sugar dissolves. Stir & reduce heat, add in milk mixture & boil further on a low heat for approximately 5mins. Pour into a mould & leave to cool.


Few slices of strawberry & assorted mixed fruits
4tbsp cranberry sauce

*Blend 4tbsp cranberry sauce in a blender until fine. Pour the sauce on top of the jelly & arrange the srawberries & serve with mixed fruits. Chill before serving.
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